Sunday, January 2, 2011

Parties, Pet Sitting, Candlelight and Broadway

After two late nights...and lots of driving, I was pretty worn out after I got home from Nashville, but there was no rest for the weary.

On my way home, my aunt called to tell me that they were going to be having a party at their house that evening. Around 30 teenagers would be coming over after the Holiday Assembly presentation and she wanted to see if I could come and assist. I drove straight there and helped with some cleaning and preparations and then headed home to get a little rest before going back over that evening. I ended up not getting home until 2AM...way past my bed time...but worth it to be able to help out my aunt and see my cousin and her friends all dressed up.

In addition to the party festivities, I also got a little visitor on Friday. My visitor actually stayed with me for the weekend and had four legs. :) I by no means am ready to have a dog of my own, but I loved being able to help Sarah Beth and Brandon out by taking care of theirs for a few days. Brooks was on his best behavior the entire weekend. We took lots of walks, and he was an excellent napper.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day...thank goodness, because I was in need of one! I spent most of the day catching up on things around the house and napping. Brooks also enjoyed an afternoon of relaxing and since I couldn't bear to make him stay in his crate, he got the royal treatment...the bed.

That evening a group of us from my Sunday School Class met to go to the Candlelight Service at church followed by a nice dinner out at Tavern. I've been to many a candlelight service in my years, but I must say that the one done by Dawson was the best I have ever witnessed. The perfect way to get prepared to celebrate the birthday of our Savior!

I've been so blessed by this group of friends.

I wrapped up my fun-filled weekend Sunday night with a little cultural activity. This year I decided to purchase season tickets to Birmingham Broadway. I will definitely be doing it again next year because the plays have been excellent and my seats are INCREDIBLE! Sunday nights production of of Beauty and the Beast was wonderful. My cousin had been talking for weeks about wanting to see it, so I decided that it would be a good little cousin date time. Don't know why we didn't take a picture because it's not often that we get dressed up.

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Megan said...

And WE are all blessed by your friendship