Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve/Day

The Christmas Eve/Christmas Day recap is going to be incredibly boring because I don't have any pictures. It was easier to just use one camera, but my family isn't quite as quick on the sending of pictures as I'd like them to be. Sorry about that.

We got home form the beach on Christmas Eve morning and got to cleaning. For the past 10 years or so, we've always had a few families over after the Christmas Eve service for soup and sandwiches. The house is filled with people, but it's laid back and one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Now that Emma Kate is almost 5, she has really gotten into Santa. We had the Santa tracker pulled up, brownies out and reindeer food on the lawn.

Christmas morning was filled with more traditions....reading the Christmas story from Luke 2, taking pictures in our pajamas on the stairs, digging into the stockings, checking out what Santa brought, pancake breakfast and then all of the presents from under the tree.

My big gift this year was from my parents...a nice big contribution to my retirement account. Sure, I won't be able to use it for years, but I'm thankful, and will be even more thankful when I'm old and grey!!

I also got some fun and beautiful jewelry, a beverage dispenser---perfect for parties and "The Doors of Brewton"---a poster I've wanted for a long time!

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