Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Wedding of Many Firsts

r so many reasons, I LOVE weddings.  The wedding I attended yesterday was a special one because there were so many firsts.  

--The first wedding that I didn't really know the bride.  The groom is from my home town...a year older than me...has a sister that is a year younger than me...our parents are good friends.  I met sweet Corey Kate briefly at a party, but was invited to the wedding not for the bride but because of the groom.  

--The first wedding that I've attended with an "at home" reception.  Yeah, I know this isn't all that different, but I've never attended one so it was different for me.  Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS.  The picture perfect setting for a wedding.  Think Father of the Bride and then think 100 times better.  I don't think my nerves could ever handle doing anything outside, but I sure do love it when others go with that plan!  

--The first wedding where the groom and groomsmen took advantage of the band break to show off a fun little dance they had worked up.  Oh my goodness...definitely a highlight.  It took me a few seconds to get my camera, but I still have about 3 mintues of it for your viewing pleasure.  Some of the guys are are older and some are younger but I'm proud to say that 6 out of 7 of these gentlemen graduated from my high school.  Apparently they learned more than just football plays during football practice! 

Congratulations, Justin and Corey Kate!  I pray the Lord continues to bless the two of you richly!


Anonymous said...

I agree- a beautiful wedding and lots of fun spending time with great friends! An added bonus was the great day spent in Auburn. . . let's do it again soon!! Love ya! You-know-who!!!
(Made it through day 1. . .)

Anonymous' friend said...

It was GREAT seeing you at the wedding....thanks sooooo much for coming and bringing your sweet, sweet mom!!!! You're right, Brewton is a fabulous hometown with WONDERFUL friends!!! We miss it!! I'm extremely glad that you loved do I!!! :)

P.S. Loved the shoes!!!