Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 Months and Counting

Almost 6 years ago, Facebook made it's debut and our lives have been forever changed.  I remember the first time November 21 rolled around after the introduction of FB...never had so many people wished me a Happy Birthday.  I loved it.  But, for the longest time, I've loved May 21 more.  May half birthday.

I love my half birthday.  For starters, my real birthday happens to fall right around Thanksgiving, so when I was a kid it was hard to get my friends together for parties.  As the years have passed, I've appreciated the day even more because it's a fun day and you don't get any older!  But, I think the reason I like it most is because it takes a special person to remember your half birthday.  Sure, 500 people tell me Happy Birthday...but facebook tells them when that happens.  The half birthday is only remembered by the truest and sweetest of friends.  

In the past few years I've had some pretty great things happen on my half birthday.  On this day two years ago, I started working at Chick-fil-A.  On this day last year I took the day off work and celebrated with friends and my two favorite Atlanta toddlers, Ella and Emma Kate.  

As great as the past two were...NEITHER of those will be able to top this years!  

To explain the first reason why, I have to back up a little bit.  A few months ago, my best friend's hubby got accepted to medical school in Mobile.  After months of thinking that she and her husband would be moving to Mobile for him to attend med school, he found out this past Friday that he had also been accepted to UAB.  (WOOHOO!  Congratulations, Scott!!)  The praying began as they sought God's will for the next phase of life.  This morning, Natalie called to tell me that after lots of prayer, they had a peace about where to go...and they were going to STAY IN BIRMINGHAM!!  Oh my goodness.  I was speechless.  I had resigned to think that we wouldn't live in the same town until we were 90 years old and living in the old folks home.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to live in the same town with her again.  One thing is for certain...I will NOT take it for granted like I did in college!  

Then, fast forward a few hours to when I got home.  I had a great day with the kids today, but it was definitely long.  I walked into the house and one of my roomates said "you got flowers."  Me?  Flowers?  I LOVE flowers but I can count on one hand the times I've received them.  I couldn't figure out why in the world I would get flowers or who would have sent them.  A card was stuck in amidst the daisies and tea roses...I pulled it out and tears immediately welled up in my eyes.  

Happy Half Birthday, to my best buddy!  I miss you and love you.  Love, Cason.

Cason and I worked together at Chick-fil-A.  You may remember that we went to Disneyland together in December.  I love her to death and miss her so much now that I'm not working at Chick-fil-A.  But, I think what made me even happier was the fact that Cason doesn't really care about half birthdays.  She knows that I really love them though.  For that reason, she called up the local florist and sent a little half birthday love my way.  This cute vase of daisies and tea roses will keep me happy for a good few weeks!  I want to be the kind of friend that recognizes what my friends love and then acts.

Thanks to all of the others sweet people who called, texted, facebooked and twittered today to wish me a Happy Half Birthday!  It was a great one!  Looking forward to the next 6 months before the bit 2-5!


Delta said...

Facebook should remind us of half birthdays. Then I would remember! Love you friend and Happy Belated Half-Birthday!

Martha said...

Thanks for signing up for our giveaway! Come back tomorrow and check if you won! Good Luck!