Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praise and Prayer

I’m not married--never have been--hope to be one day. But this post isn’t about my relationship status.

In one month ONE MONTH, my bestest friend in the whole world is getting MARRIED! From the time she got engaged last September, I have been one of the happiest kids alive. It’s been so fun to watch her plan the special day. It’s been equally as fun to watch her hubby-to-be. He’s just interested enough in the wedding to help, but not so interested that everything has to be his way. It's really the perfect combination.

I’ve talked before about how they are made for each other...a match made in heaven. They really are a wonderful example of God’s plan for marriage: two people who love the Lord with their whole being, who strive daily to serve Him and make His name known and then follow God’s example of love shown toward each of us to love each other.

Lord, I thank you for Natalie and Scott. For their commitment to You and each other and the example they have set for so many, including myself.

From the very beginning, Natalie and Scott have desired for their wedding ceremony to be glorifying to the Lord…a chance to show others that a wedding is about more than dresses, cake and flowers. Will you join me in praying for them as they finalize all of the little details over the next month? They are both really busy and may not be checking the blog regularly right now, but I know they would both welcome your prayers.

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Jennifer said...

You really are the best friend Lindsey! I'll be praying that Natalie's wedding day is perfect and that the wedding is a true picture of how they'll use their marriage to draw closer to God.