Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Happy Advisor

There is really nothing like recruitment. Especially at The University of Alabama. We do it different here. We go all out. Wanna know what it's like? Just read what my friend Becky has to say.

During my four years at Alabama, I had the chance to see 4 different sides of recruitment. I went through as a freshman, recruited girls as a sophomore, loved on girls as a recruitment counselor my junior year and then got to walk around and say hi as a senior. There were definitely some parts that I liked more than others, but overall, I am a lover of recruitment. Sure it's crazy...but there's just something about it that makes me happy.

I have been looking forward to being the recruitment advisor for my sorority from the moment I was asked, but what I have gotten to experience these past few days has far exceeded even my expectations.

I was a senior when the girls who are now seniors were being recruited. For the record, I can't believe that they are graduating. They were my babies. Now, they are looking for some babies to call their own. Tear....take that back...tears.

They're so on top of things they don't really need an advisor, but I'm thrilled that I'm able to sit and watch them do their thing.


Becky said...

I couldn't think of a better person to be in your position, seriously! We were in the same group as Freshmen, and then got to be Rho Chi's together. I only wish I as down the street on Magnolia helping out as well! I hope you are having a blast!!!

Kristen said...

I completely understand - I work as an Academic Counselor for freshman & sophomores. My first students are graduating and I just can't believe it!!!