Friday, August 21, 2009

A Delta Zeta Saint

On my bid day blog, I bragged on the president of my sorority. Then I introduced you to Abby, the girl that I'm hoping and praying will be the next president. But anybody that knows anything about sororities...and if you've read my blog for long enough, you know at least a little...knows that the girl that runs the recruitment show is not the president. It takes someone special to manage the beast that is recruitment. We call her the Vice President of Membership. Actually, we call her the Recruitment Chair.

This year, my sorority was blessed to have the best recruitment chair on the planet. Seriously...I would put her up against your recruitment chair any day. Let me explain...

Most sorority positions are such that you only have them for a year. You couldn't have paid me to be the secretary or president for any longer than that! It takes a girl who's on top of her stuff and well respected by her house to do the same job for more than one term...and that, my friends, is what our recruitment chair did. TWO YEARS of recruitment!!

Unlike everybody else, she WILLINGLY signed up to have the same job again. She knew there would be angry alumni. She knew there would be girls trying to get out of rush workshops. She knew there would be sleepless nights. She knew...but she agreed to do it again.

This recruitment chair that all sorority girls wish was theirs is Sarah Hudson.

She's the one on the far left...and she totally blew me away last week. She was beyond organized. Everybody knew what they were supposed to do and when they were supposed to do it. Encouraging words flowed freely. Smiles were given to all. And, despite the minimal sleep she got, she did not pitch fits when things went a little crazy.

Example of things going crazy would be when a hook for hanging drapes came out of the ceiling one night...bringing part of the ceiling with it. I was terrified that we may have come to the end of our little recruitment Utopia, but little miss adaptability, Sarah Hudson, wasn't phased in the least.

Confidential to Hudson,

If someone had told me three years ago when you pledged that you would be our recruitment chair not once but twice, I would have never believed them. You have far exceeded all of my expectations for you...and I LOVE it! During my years in the sorority, I have had the chance to watch quite a few different girls tackle the job of recruitment chair, but none...NONE...of them could hold a candle to you. The fact that you so selflessly agreed to hold the position for two years only elevates you even more. Thank you for what you've done for your house...our house. You're beyond incredible! Get ready, because I'm going to be coming down to Tuscaloosa soon and showering you with thanks....friend kind of thanks...not the advisor kind. :) Love you, pretty girl!

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