Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Blessings

Thank goodness we celebrate birthday weeks in my family! Otherwise, I would have been in big trouble when Tuesday came and went without nary a post about my baby sister's big day.

September 8, 1988...Kara was born and my world was changed. Truth be told, I don't have much recollection of times before she was around, but considering how much the addition of the 5th member of the family has added to the other 4 of us...I have no doubt my world was changed.

But...before I get into all the goodness of Kara...can I just say that I can't believe that she's 21. That means I'm about to be 25. Excuse me?? 25?? There must be a problem.

Anyway...back to the goodness of Kara.

As a child, she was by far the cutest of all of us. Pretty blond hair that curled just right at the ends. Always the social butterfly. Everybody loved...and loves...Kara. She's just plain fun.

We're quite different, and that used to bother me to no end. Now, I think I was bothered mainly because I longed for some of those traits.

She's laid back. Seriously, I have NEVER seen her stressed. Sure, that's because she usually doesn't think about things until they are long supposed to have happened, but even then, she doesn't get worked up about it.

She's never afraid to ask. This used to bother me...okay, sometimes it still does...but pretty much, I wish I did it more. If you tell me to do something, I pretty much do it. Likewise, I take past decisions to determine what an outcome would be. For instance, if my parents have never let me have never let me go on a trip by myself, I probably wouldn't ask if I could study abroad. Kara doesn't seem to be phased by past decisions. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. Truth be told, she gets it often...but as I've gotten older, I've realized that may not be so much because she's the baby...maybe it's just because she asked.

She's HILARIOUS. Her sense of humor is quite different than mine. Much more dry. She even pretends that she doesn't enjoy it when I call to give her the joke of the day...but she is definitely a laugh a minute. Everything she says and does is pretty much comical. What makes it even funnier is that half the time, she has no clue why everybody is laughing.

She's knows what she's good at. This is something that I'm just now starting to get. Find out what you love...what you're good at...and do it. Kara has known forever that she likes to write. She doesn't like math or science, so she didn't bother much with those subjects. She loves writing...and reading for that matter. Pretty sure she won the Accelerated Reader trophy every year ! :) Anyway...back to writing. She's great at it, and in less than 2 years will have her journalism degree and will probably be traveling all over writing things that everybody wants to read. I love that.

Confidential to NB: Happy Birthday, sister. I have no doubt that you've enjoyed your birthday week! I love you so much! I only have two people in this world that I can say are my sisters...I'm super thankful that one of them is you.


Kara Smith said...

B----this is possibly the nicest thing you're ever THOUGHT about doing! Thanks for being so nice on my birthday! Come to Tuscaloosa one night and I'll give you some tips on how to be laid back at Galettes! Woop woop!

a fool full of tired grace... said...

she's sounds like good people... never seen her stressed??! i want some of what she takes. j/k :)

Reeves said...

So cute. It was great to see y'all too. Can't wait till next month! Ps- love ur blog name

Cile said...

So I'm almost 2 months late reading this but feel the need to comment on two things. 1: The kid really is almost never stressed. Shocking! 2: This is certainly insightful and nicer than y'all ever are in person. I think it's your true feelings! Love you both!