Friday, December 10, 2010


There are so many things I like about my current job. Most of the time I'm able to do it from home, and for me that quite often means lounge clothes and a blanket! If I'm not working from home, it means that I'm usually on a college campus meeting with some of the best clients in the world. The flexibility that the job offers is another thing that I wouldn't trade for anything.

But, every so often, I find myself craving an office. Dressing up. Going in at 8:30. Stopping by to say hello to coworkers on the way to the coffee pot. Meetings...yes, even the meetings.
A few times each year, I get to do all of those things, and the December meeting is my favorite of all. It's a time of celebrating all that happened and making projections for the next year.

I went up to Spartanburg a few weeks ago and I must say it may have been one of my favorite of the busiest, but one of my favorites.

I got to spend time with some of the best co-workers/friends, was showered with some fun gifts, sat in enough meetings to have me set for a few more months, and ate some delicious food!

With Lauren and this really the only picture I took all week??

In the "off time" I was able to do some outlet shopping and some relaxing in a hotel room...I absolutely LOVE hotel stays!! The week was pretty much exactly what I needed to cure the "lonely" blues.

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