Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weddings Galore

As a girl in my mid-twenties, weddings are a big part of my life...especially during the summer. This summer is no different. I knew four sweet ladies that got married a few Saturdays ago. Though I tried to make it to the festivities of more than one bride, it became clear that would not be possible. I just had to remind myself that just because I could only be at one didn't mean that I couldn't be happy for all.

So, here's to the brides of June 26 and their sweet husbands. I pray that the next chapter of your lives together will be better than you could have ever dreamed it!

Lauren and Josh: I've known Lauren for my entire life. Literally. The early years were filled with church musicals and youth trips, and when she was old enough to drive, she graciously became my taxi. The last few years, we have watched many guys and gals couple off and get married...always knowing that one day the day would come for us. I'm still waiting, but I couldn't be happier for Lauren and Josh!

Anna and Whit: Anna and I didn't officially meet until my freshman year of college, but because our mothers were sorority sisters at Alabama, I had heard about her long before that. Though we both ended up pledging different sororities, the friendship continued. We walked many miles around the campus during those four years...and ate many cups of TCBY! Anna was one of the few friends that visited me my first summer in Atlanta...I won't go into the details, but let me just say that I much appreciated both she and her then boyfriend, now hubby, being there that particular weekend! She and Whit compliment each other so well. Who knows...maybe one day in the future, we'll send our children off to Alabama and they'll become friends just as we did.

Becky and Emory: I met Becky when I was a freshman in college and we were in the same sorority rush group. We ended up pledging different houses, but I still ran into her from time to time. Our paths crossed again two years later when we were both rush counselors, and thanks to our blogs, we have stayed in touch. I've never met Emory, but I've read so much about him that I feel like I know him, so I can say...good pick, Becky!

Leslie and Stephen: Leslie was one of the first people that I met when I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago. I worked with her at Chick-fil-A and was so blessed to get to work with her. Over the course of many lunch dates and afternoon snacks, she poured her wisdom into me in the most non-judgemental way. Leslie is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and she deserves every happiness...I have a feeling that marriage will bring lots of it!

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