Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thankfulness Project

As I said in my last post, things have been busy lately, so all the posts that I've been wanting to write have been stuck in my mind. These next few thoughts should have been posted Monday, December just pretend that from this point on, it's Monday, December 1 . :)

My sweet friend Ashleigh has this little project going on called the Thankfulness project. She is pretty much blogging each day about something, someone, or really anything that she's thankful for. I was catching up on some of her most recent posts today and noticed that on November 21, my birthday, she had written the sweetest post ever about how she is thankful for me...ME folks. It was most definitely one of the sweetest things that anybody did for me this year. I printed it out so fast...and put it in a safe place so I can reread it on those yucky days. :)

So I'm borrowing her idea for the day (remember it's December 1) and doing a little thankfulness project of my own. You see, today is a really special day because 28 years ago, my older sister Cile was born.

I have so many reasons to be thankful for my's the short list

  • She is many things to many people, but first and foremost, she is a Christian. While others can search for years for a strong Christian influence, I have been blessed with a sister who trusts the Lord in each situation. Life doesn't always turn out how we thought it would, or how we want it to, but she never complains. She is such a great example of someone that doesn't allow the circumstance to dictate her actions. She just trusts the Lord and looks for his plan.
  • She is a wonderful mother! I don't know of any person that is more calm and patient than Cile, and being a Mom has only magnified those traits. My niece is one of the sweetest little girls, but she is 2, and every 2 year old has their moments. Even during those trying times, my sister NEVER raises her voice. Watching her interact with her little girl brings me so much joy. She recognizes that life is short and takes every opportunity to bring elements of fun to everyday life. If I'm blessed with children one day, I hope that I can be half the mom that she is!
  • She is really good at paving the way. When I was growing up, I may have said that I didn't like it when people said that I reminded them of my sister, but that was just a ploy. I absolutely loved it...and still do. Even though I may have talked a big game and acted like I wanted to do my own thing, looking back, I did so many things just like her. Same classes in school, same clubs, same college, same sorority...even the same major and minor. All that sameness, and 4 years age difference, meant that whenever it was my turn to do something, most of the time people remembered my sister. I was never embarrassed to hear people say, "that's Lindsey, Cile's little sister," because I knew that the legacy that she left was a good one.
  • She always makes time. Now that we are older and life is busier, we don't always have time to talk like we used to, but every time I need her, she is always there. She listens intently and always gives sound, Godly advice.
So, Happy Birthday, big sister. I hope that this next year brings more smiles and less tears, more faith and less doubt and more love than you can even begin to comprehend. I love you so much!

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